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Ballrz was founded in 2005 by Errick Greene. Greene went from being an all-state high school player to junior college All-American to Division 1 starting point guard; becoming a professional basketball player overseas with the opportunity to work out with NBA teams. While growing up, Greene was always curious as to what his favorite NBA players were doing to become superior athletes. As an adult, he was fortunate enough to play and work around elite professional basketball players and find this out first hand. The challenges that many young people face in taking their basketball career to the next level led Errick to launch Ballrz.com, a place where ALL basketball players can get insight into professional level advice and improve their game.

At Ballrz, our mission is to give every athlete the opportunity to be great.

Every basketball player dreams of playing in the NBA or WNBA. BALLRZ was founded because it was too hard to find the best basketball workouts for serious basketball players. Athletes always want to know what the players in the NBA or WNBA are doing to become such superior basketball players. BALLRZ wants to give everybody this same opportunity to become the best player you can be in every aspect of the game through top notch workouts, drills, lessons, equipment, and apparel.

The founder of BALLRZ has played at every level of basketball. From being an all state high school player, junior college All-American, Division 1 starting point guard, professional basketball player overseas, as well as working out with NBA teams; BALLRZ has been there. We don’t just talk the talk we walk the walk.

Not only do we want to help you improve your game but we also want to give you every opportunity to succeed through our BALLRZ CAMPS, PRACTICES, & SKILL LESSONS where you can get better and also be seen by scouts. BALLRZ is committed to promoting the great game of basketball through every aspect possible. We hope that Ballrz gives you the necessary tools to becoming a great basketball player. If you have any questions, thoughts, ideas, or remarks, please contact us. But in the meantime, GET YOUR GAME UP.

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