Customized Ballrz Workouts

Train Like Your Favorite Player

Customized Ballrz workouts are different from anything else available on the Web. These workouts are tailored to your skills, abilities, fitness levels, position and even prominent hand. We’ve put together hundreds of drills that pro players use every day to help you get to the next level. BALLRZ believes that a basketball player must first master the fundamentals skills of the game before they can move on to master the decision making and mental part of the game. It is easy for a player to become frustrated and upset due to improper fundamentals and lack of skills. This can lead to giving up on the sport itself or picking up horrible habits that in the long run will have a negative impact on the basketball player’s skill level.

Every Customized Ballrz Workout program includes:

  • A complete player analysis through our BALLRZ Skill Assessment Form
  • A phone call from a BALLRZ representative to assist you with your BALLRZ SKILL ASSESSMENT FORM and workout program
  • IPOD/MP3 workout to assist in your conditioning side of your workout plan
  • NBA basketball drills, WNBA basketball drills
  • Basketball workout chart and basketball progression sheet
  • BALLRZ VERTICAL LEAP PROGRAM-to increase your hops
  • Ability to train from easy to difficult, from beginning to pro level
  • Tips from professional NBA & WNBA players
  • Exclusive e-mail communication to discuss basketball drills, nutritional tips, etc...
  • Advice on how to become a smarter basketball player
  • And much more!!!

Imagine how your favorite players workout – they receive special training from coaches, nutritionists, and advisors that customize each workout to the player’s strengths and weaknesses. With Ballrz getting that level of service doesn’t require a multi-million dollar NBA contract or celebrity status. We treat you like the budding superstar you can be!

Simply pick your workout duration, complete the skill assessment form, check your email for your customized workout, and begin improving YOUR GAME TODAY!


1st: Take our BALLRZ SKILL ASSESMENT FORM. (click here for a sample) to assess your skill level. The BALLRZ SKILL ASSESMENT FORM assesses every part of your basketball game, Fundamentals: Ball handling, Shooting, Passing, Defense, Agility, Vertical, and Overall Conditioning. For the most accurate results, we ask that you fill out the BALLRZ ASSESMENT FORM with someone who is close to you and knows your strength and weaknesses.

2nd: Choose which package you want.

3rd: BALLRZ sends your customized BALLRZ workout to your account and you can begin when you can start your training in a matter of minutes.

Are you ready to take your game to the next level? Always dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player? Want to improve your game? Do you really love the game?

Order Now to get your game up!

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